a q u a c h r o m e

Aquachrome, Manifest Gallery

excerpt of the exhibition review by Karen Chambers, published 24/11/2013 on AEQUAI

…..“Fitting into the virtuoso group is the 2012 The Good Life 1 by Wouter van de Koot from Antwerp, Belgium. He masterfully exploits watercolor’s qualities and shows how negative space can be as important as painted areas.

Seen from above is shaggy-haired figure, which I’ll venture to say is male and go further to identify him as a father. He has lifted an oddly impassive toddler over his head. Van de Koot has depicted the adult’s head, sections of his arms, and most of the child’s face as if in silhouette by leaving those areas unpainted. Still their heads and limbs are recognizable although there is nothing to set them apart from the untouched background……”

The Good Life 1, watercolor on paper, 76 x 56 cm., 2012